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25% per annum: is it realistic to make money on investing in suburban real estate?


Investing in suburban real estate is a new trend of the new time. Every year this direction is becoming more and more popular, and investors receive a profit of up to 25% per annum. Let's try to figure out why this is happening and is it true?

Investing in suburban real estate is one of the options to increase your capital. Most investors buy housing outside the city for the purpose of its subsequent lease, which will allow them to receive additional passive income.

Investors are willing to invest in the construction of suburban real estate near megacities, as it is in great demand and quickly pays off. You don't need to have a lot of start-up capital to start investing in real estate. You can always use a mortgage or loan for this.

High-quality suburban housing can not only be rented out, but also resold. This also guarantees the investor a good income. Very often, groups of co-investors practice joint development. What does it mean? Co-investors jointly purchase materials necessary for the construction of illiquid or unfinished objects, and create unique houses, turning them into a real work of architectural art. The profit from the sale of such an object is divided equally among all participants in such an investment project.

Consider the example of our company Titamyr Investment, which invests in the construction of country houses:

1. Experts realize your investment in high-quality construction of objects.

2. Anyone can become either a full investor or a co-investor of the project. The company provides the investor with support at all stages of construction.

3. The ownership right is formalized exclusively for the investor, and the company deals with all organizational issues. The investor himself does not take part in the purchase of the necessary materials and the accompanying paperwork.

4. The company is engaged in the selection of a land plot, manages the further construction process and organizes the subsequent sale of the object.

5. As a rule, such projects are implemented very quickly. Even before the expiration of 6 months required for the construction of the facility, the investor will receive his profit - up to 25% per annum. If the investment project fails to be implemented within a year, the investor will not be left behind and will take his 25-28%.

As practice shows, the demand for country houses is consistently high regardless of the season. Good properties sell quickly, so the investor doesn't have to wait long for their share of the profits. Which investor would refuse such an attractive investment offer?

By investing in suburban real estate or the construction of suburban housing, you can not only save, but also increase your capital. This is a proven and, most importantly, a profitable way to invest.