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In the ranks of business "angels": published a catalog of leading investors for Ukrainian startups


The problem of many promising Ukrainian startups and small and medium-sized businesses is that they often do not have reliable information about where and from whom to attract funding at an early stage. It looks like the Investors Book 2021 will help bridge these gaps.

What's the cool news. The Investor Book 2021 was recently published - a large catalog of 85 representatives of venture and other capital who invest or are ready to invest in Ukrainian tech teams. Investors Book 2021 is the result of deep and meticulous research work by the Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA), which brought together the most reputable and powerful Ukrainian investors in one place, financing start-ups and tech SME companies in the early rounds. The study's stakeholders were such authoritative structures as USAID within the framework of its Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine (USAID-CEP) and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. The Investors Book 2021 contains the freshest updates and insights about investment agreements in the fintech sector, their number, amount of funding, key information for effective interaction and development of all participants in the country's IT industry is disclosed.

The purpose of this work. The organizers of the project were inspired by the success of Ukrainian startups, which have already reached the global level. It is not necessary to go far for illustrative cases - as examples, GitLab and Grammarly, founded by Ukrainians, are cited and today reaching sky-high estimates in the world capital markets. But the potential of Ukrainian fintech is still far from being fully disclosed, at the same time, the key to success is access to financing in the early stages. The Investor Book 2021 will help young and ambitious startups navigate in their search for investments. It is also a bright attempt to show international investors how dynamic the modern technological sector is in Ukraine, and to motivate them to more actively invest in Ukrainian fintech startups. And for investors who have been elected to this kind of rating and who make up a powerful ecosystem today, this is an opportunity to additionally declare themselves on the market and attract new partners.

Who is in the forefront. UVCA researchers analyzed the activity of more than 150 participants in the Ukrainian investment market, conducting an in-depth survey regarding their activities in 2016-2021. Then 85 participants were elected - venture capital funds, private equity funds, so-called. “Family” funds, business incubators and accelerators, investment companies, corporate investment funds, business “angels” - which have completed at least one investment transaction and have at least one portfolio company. Among the top structures included in the catalog are 12 so-called. “Newcomers” who entered the market as venture capitalists in the last 1-2 years. Along with the latter, in the catalog you can find such investment business “bison” as “Chernovetskyi Investment Group”, “Concord Capital”, “Innovation DTEK”, “Horizon Capital” and others.

To be in the honorable ranks of business "angels". It is a great honor for me to become one of the leading venture capital investors in Ukraine, providing financial and expert support to promising start-ups in the early stages. From the catalog “Investors Book 2021” you can find out that the financial and industrial holding “Titamyr Group”, of which I am a partner, invests and develops projects in the areas of fintech, construction, Internet marketing, software development, machine learning, etc. the basis of the investment strategy - financing of operating profitable companies by buying a share, or investing in increasing working capital. Preferred Verticals - Business & HR Software, Consumer Products, CyberTech, EdTech, Esports & Gaming, FinTech & InsurTech, Foodtech, HealthTech & Wellness, MarTech & Media.

Instead of a total. The research and partnership team of the Investor Book 2021 project has done a tremendous job and saved other investment stakeholders a huge amount of time. Life hack: urgently download Manual, share it with friends who are looking for investments. Even if you are not raising a round right now, this directory may come in handy in the future!

“Investors Book 2021”: